If Your Realtor Recommended a Home Inspection, it is Because Your Realtor Wants You to Be as Informed About Your Potential Purchase as Possible.

Because Realtors are only able to disclose information that is made known to them about a particular home, they look out for you by recommending good quality inspectors. At Power Eye, LLC, we provide you with the leverage needed to help you make that good, informed decision.

In addition, we believe the relationship cycle does not end when you have the report in hand. Our commitment to you extends far beyond the inspection itself. We are available to serve your needs six days a week, and this includes questions you may have after your home purchase, no matter when the need arises
– consultants for life.

What We Provide:

Complete Home Inspection

We perform home inspections based on guidelines established by the TEXAS REAL ESTATE COMMISSION, and adherence to TREC standards. This includes inspecting the foundation, structure, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. We also inspect the grading and drainage systems surrounding the home structure.

Separate Structure Inspection

Separate structures can also be inspected for additional fees, and they include:

  • Outbuildings
  • Garage Apartments
  • Other similar separate structures

Pre-list inspections:

We also provide pre-listing inspections for persons those interested in selling their homes. The process is the same for a pre-list inspection as it is for a home under contract for sale, and focuses on all areas of the home. A written report is also provided.

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